Swaying the Philippine Flag to the Sheffield Doc|Fest

So it’s my first time writing here. Allow me this first time to write from the heart and set aside the technicalities for a while. Besides, I’ve come from a heavy month since the day that I was notified that I’m one of the 7 filmmakers who comprises the Philippine Delegation for the Sheffield Doc|Fest.

It was mid-April. I was busy with some corporate projects which we usually do in my startup production house Chimera Visions. The Film Development Council of the Philippines sent an email saying that I was selected to be part of the Philippine Delegation. To my excitement, I submitted the requirements the following day. I asked Marc Louie, our loyal production staff, to take a portrait of me to be submitted to the Sheffield Doc|Fest.

Few weeks after, the agreements have been arranged. The MOA has been signed. Thanks to our colleague, account manager, producer Zyra Vargas, who signed to witness the arrangement between the film commission and I. And I’M OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE FIRST PHILIPPINE DELEGATION TO THE SHEFFIELD DOC|FEST! Up until now, I can’t contain the excitement.

On June 9, the Philippine Delegation, comprised of 7 documentary filmmakers and Philippine film commissioners, met with industry representatives and organizers of Sheffield Doc|Fest at the round table discussion. We introduced ourselves and our projects to the industry representatives. On the other hand, the industry representatives introduced their studios/organizations and how we, filmmakers, can connect with them and pitch our projects.

The industry representatives were from Berlinale World Cinema Fund, RESERVOIR DOCS, SBS Television, and NHK Enterprise. The round table meeting was organized by James Mullighan and Sylvia Bednarz from Sheffield Doc|Fest.

The project that I presented is Lasang Ug Lumad, currently in development / pre-production. Lasang Ug Lumad embarks on the arguable conflict between forest conservation and Lumad communities’ livelihood which involves land conversion.

Sheffield Doc|Fest is an international film and arts festival and marketplace, with a mission to spark imaginations and empower our capacity for change by celebrating, championing and debating documentary film and art as a collective form of engagement. It happened in Sheffield, UK and online last June 4–13.

Anyone interested to fund my project Lasang Ug Lumad, which benefits the environment and communities, connect with me at info.chimeravisions@gmail.com or at letscreate@chimeravisions.com. Visit our website www.chimeravisions.com.



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Marvin Lyndon Carmelo

Marvin Lyndon Carmelo

Marv is a filmmaker who has worked on short films, digital ads, music videos, and documentary films. Now, he runs Chimera Visions, a video production house.